Corporate Presenter Adam is a unique, versatile and talented broadcaster who produces warmth and humour in his presenting.  His Infectious enthusiasm, consummate professionalism and engaging style shines through on camera, ensuring your audience take notice.

Type Of Presenter

1421 19-2526-34Awards HostEntertainmentExhibition DemonstratorLive Event HostMC's & ComperesPresenterUK EnglishVideo Presenter


“Adam is a consummate professional who generates the kind of warmth and wit we all search for in a presenter.”

– Mike Newman, Regional Content Director – Bauer Media

“Adam has a natural presenting style; commanding, entertaining and interacting with confidence whether on stage, screen or radio. He has great rapport with viewers, listeners and event attendees alike, with a unique and endearing like-ability; and a positive, sincere and genuine approach to guests, interviewees and high-profile personalities. Adam’s presence is simultaneously infectious and enjoyable, leaving a lasting impression on all.” 

– Adam Yosef, Company Director, Punk Zebra

“Adam is a natural in front of the camera who builds up an incredible rapport with the people he interviews. An absolute joy to work with.”

– Toby Mackenzie, Content Director – Bauer Media

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