Samuel Burke

Samuel Burke

Samuel Burke is an Emmy award-winning bilingual business and technology journalist who has anchored, reported and produced at CNN, CNN en español, ABC and NPR. He is the founder and executive producer of Leumas Productions.

Currently, Samuel anchors major programmes on CNN’s regional channels, including the TV show “#WFH – Work From Home.” He also hosts the podcast series “It’s All Relative,” exploring the effects of shocking DNA results on families like his own.

Samuel has reported from the scene of major world events such as the Manchester Ariana Grande concert bombing, the Grenfell Tower residential fire, as well as the London Bridge terrorist attacks.

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“Memorable and engaging. In the more than a decade I’ve watched his work, Samuel’s sharp and distinctive reporting is always a step ahead: showing us both the marvels and the pitfalls of the role technology plays in our lives”

Christiane Amanpour, CNN’s Chief International Anchor

Either you captivate the audience or you don’t. There’s no grey zone on this one. And I can testify that Samuel Burke delivers that magic.”

Armie Jarin Bennet, President CNN Philippines

“Innovative storytelling is Samuel’s signature. Whether it’s taking his camera underwater or filming with his handheld drone, he knows the art of surprising and delighting the viewer with every story he reports.”

Cynthia Hudson, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of CNN en Español

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