Darren A

Darren A

Darren is a brilliant impressionist, voice-over artist, presenter and host who can add the necessary energy to any corporate event or video.

You can hear more of Darren’s voice work at Great British Voices

Type Of Presenter

1576 35-50Awards HostLive Event HostMC's & ComperesPresenterUK EnglishVideo Presenter


Of all the years we’ve had impressionists on this show, I genuinely think this is the best and most original act we’ve had. Absolutely hilarious Darren, a million percent yes!

– Simon Cowell

Very simple, brilliantly funny from start to finish. Every impression was spot on. It was a faultless audition; I’m very excited about you.

– Alesha Dixon

What I loved about this act was that it was really intelligent and different. I loved the way each voice morphed into the next.

– Amanda Holden

It was brilliantly funny from start to finish and a lot of those impressions I’ve never heard people do before. I’m excited about what you’re going to do next.

– David Walliams

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