10 Reasons to Hire a Corporate Business Speaker

22nd Oct 2021

Whether it’s for a corporate event or company training day, hiring a professional business speaker can be extremely beneficial, so it’s important you choose a speaker who is going to engage and add value to your company and/or event.


So, here are our top ten reasons as to why you should hire a business speaker for your next corporate event –

1. To Inspire 

One of the top reasons companies hire a speaker is to engage with and inspire their audience and/or staff. Inspirational talks are often antidotes of the speaker’s own life experiences and about overcoming adversity. As well as offering positivity and motivation, they also teach other essential skills relevant to business, such as perseverance and problem-solving. Many of these talks focus on mental health, achieving a better work-life balance and personal development.

2. To Motivate / Encourage Success

Inspirational and motivational speakers usually go hand-in-hand, as stories of inspiration are often used to motivate too. However, motivational talks do not always need to come from a place of self-discovery and adversity. Corporate speakers are often hired to give motivational talks to their clients on how to achieve in business in the form of a motivational keynote talk. They can also be useful for employee training – used to encourage success, create engagement, boost team skills and improve leadership.

Our motivational speakers are renowned for their knowledge, passion, and most essentially, their ability to coax the best out of those around them – whatever it takes, whatever and wherever the challenge. They’ll make a memorable and lasting impression on you for the unforgettable motivation they’ll have inspired within you.

3. For Resilience 

During challenging times (especially in the wake of lockdowns and Covid-19) speakers who offer talks on resilience are very empowering. A mix of story-style inspiration and motivational keynote, these speakers teach us that we can overcome trials whether within our personal lives or business lives.


4. To Increase Business Communication

If you’re looking to communicate an idea to your employees and/or audience, then hiring a corporate speaker, is a great way to do this. Perhaps, it’s a new business module you wish to pitch or a new commercial campaign – but having an experienced business speaker on board, who’s known for their success within your industry, can be a great way to increase your business profile and generate new ideas. Often a Q&A between the speaker and audience can also enhance communication and help circulate ideas also, as well as inspire, motivate and even challenge ideas from competitors.

5. To Enhance Leadership and Team-building Skills

Companies with poor management will struggle to succeed. But, by hiring a professional business speaker – like , you can improve your leadership skills and change the way you do business for the better. Leadership speakers also offer valuable information on team building, the future of business, communications, personal development, workplace equality and so much more…

To enhance your business management hire a one of these Leadership Speakers

‘Leading in the Next Normal‘ author R. Michael Anderson offers an experts Post Covid Leadership Talk for businesses learning to adapt from the effects of Covid-19 lockdowns. Or ”Navigate the Storm” with business expert Mark Denton; discover how to be an inspirational leader under pressure with RAF female front line pilot Mandy Hickson or challenge your ‘mental toughness’ with world-class business speaker, Penny Mallory (below).

Similarly, if your team does not have the knowledge or skills required in business, then this can really be detrimental to your company also.

Many business speakers offer tried and tested team-building exercises that can help overcome these obstacles, giving your employees practical skills to use within the workplace and out.

Furthermore, strong team communication and trust are also important, and building that trust should be a priority within any business. Not only will this help your business succeed, but is also extremely important that employees feel comfortable for their own well-being too.


6. To Facilitate Events

Hiring a professional conference facilitator to moderate your event can help to ensure your event runs smoothly and that the purpose of the engagement is met. It’s the facilitator’s role to introduce the session and any other speakers, to help keep to schedule, and to act as mediator so everyone gets heard.


7. To Entertain

Looking to lighten the mood? Then a corporate entertainer can offers something , but still can add immense value to your business event. Whether it’s a comedian, a magician or an uplifting after-dinner speaker, a corporate entertainer can ensure your event is one to remember.

Aaron Calvert hypnotist mental health performance host speaker - book at agent Great British Speakers
CLICK HERE to see how doctor turned magician Aaron Calvert is working with us, to offer our clients some truly unique corporate entertainment


8. To Promote Positive Mental Health

With one of the main causes of poor mental health being contributed to a negative and/or stressful work environment, business speakers are now being booked to discuss more often mental health within the workplace and its effect on business success and employee wellbeing. Furthermore, with men being significantly less likely to discuss their mental health with friends and family, it’s important that we (as employers, colleges and friends) encourage everyone to feel confident in speaking up when it comes to their own emotional wellbeing.

9. To Make Diversity, Equality & Inclusion (DEI) a Priority

Is your business really doing everything it can to be inclusive? With the aim to educate and inspire – diversity, equality and inclusion speakers have a resounding impact, helping businesses achieve inclusivity. These speakers are able to offer a true insight into DEI issues and culture, and offer valuable insight as to how your business take action against inequality.

By sharing their own personal tales, DEI speakers have tackled the challenges of discrimination in the workplace first-hand, making them powerful, emotive advocates for DEI for business and cultural change.

Presenter & Author June Sarpong –  BBC’s first Director of Creative Diversity and W:IE Women: Inspiration & Enterprise) Network Co-Founder.

10. For Endorsement and Promotion.

If you’re looking to promote your brand or product, then hiring a well-known speaker or ‘Influencers‘ can help to enhance your business and sales through endorsements and promotion. On social media, influencers are extremely beneficial at attracting specific audiences and promoting your product and/or brand to them.

Presenter & Social Media Influencer Grace Victory at Great British Speakers

TV personalities/Celebrities are often chosen here because they have a large online following which greatly indicates that audiences relate to, and trust in them, which then only reflects positivity on the brand also.

Influencers are often hired to also attend and speak at public events and company product launches, and may even work alongside your company to collaborate on new ideas and future products.

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