Whether you’re after a leadership speaker to help you achieve those business goals, a resilience speaker to inspire your team with some key motivational takeaways, a diversity speaker, a sustainability speaker, or even a mental health speaker, or perhaps you’re after a female-STEM leader, a Change and Innovation leader, a Futurist expert or a Sales entrepreneur – our speakers are here to captivate, entertain and encourage any audience they speak to.  At Great British Speakers, we work with the UK’s leading speakers to inspire and educate. To book a speaker or make an enquiry, contact the team at Great British Speakers today!

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Leadership & Teamwork

We’ve enrolled the help of some of the country’s best Leadership & Teamwork keynote speakers and business coaches who are able to tailor their talks and workshops to suit your audience and business needs, helping your team to embrace this ‘new normal and find opportunities for business growth and personal development.


Concerns around climate change are growing, and with it, thoughts on how we can make our businesses and events more sustainable are changing too!   Our environmental experts are the perfect motivational keynote speakers to inform and inspire change for a more sustainable future.


Whether aiming to inspire young audiences to pursue careers in STEM or assisting businesses seeking innovative, tech-savvy ideas, speakers specializing in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are in high demand.


Our keynote burnout speakers offer practical tools for enhancing mental health, boosting productivity, and fostering a supportive workplace culture. By tackling burnout head-on, they empower audiences to build resilience, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and ultimately, sustain long-term career satisfaction and business success.

Parenting & Child Development

Our parenting speakers provide evidence-based insights and practical strategies to address common parenting challenges, such as managing difficult child behaviour, fostering emotional resilience, and balancing work and family life. They bring a wealth of knowledge with backgrounds in child psychology, mental health, and effective communication, helping parents better understand and meet their children’s needs.

Health & Wellness

Over the last few years, discussions on mental health, have been on the rise, and perhaps unsurprisingly one of the main causes of poor mental health is found to be a negative and/or stressful work environment.  Our inspirational health and wellness speakers are qualified to help you, your employees, teams and/or audience transition through some of the toughest experiences.


Our business & resilience speakers are set to motivate any audience and inspire them to persevere in pursuit of their achieving their goals.  They have all gone through their own adversities and come back stronger!  Their resolve to overcome both mental and physical challenges is what makes them truly motivational resilience speakers.

LGBTQ+ / Pride

To educate and inspire, our LGBTQ+ Speakers have a resounding impact. Businesses and schools often book them to give educational talks on topics such as gender equality, sexuality, discrimination, and LGBTQ+ rights – they are popular for Pride Month events.  To understand our diverse world and social, political and economic times, there has never been a better time to hire an LGBTQ+ workplace equality speaker for your event.

Change & Innovation

Our inspirational Change and Innovation Speakers are some of the most business-driven and tech-savvy on the speakers’ circuit. Having made incredible advancements in their respected fields these speakers know how to offer a fresh perspective and develop creative ideas.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

The importance of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion is finally getting recognition and organisations are expected to build diverse and inclusive teams. Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion speakers are often booked to share their experiences

Consumer Trends

An expert keynote speaker in Consumer Trends can help your business focus on a variety of different digital platforms and distribution channels. These speakers and influencers have a deep understanding of customer behaviour and understand the changes that can influence future trends, so when it comes to growing your business, these speakers are experts and can enhance your growth strategy and increase social engagement.

Olympians and Paralympians

Our Olympic and Paralympic athletics,  are also now popular sports commentators and can even be hired as presenters for sports commentary. These sports speakers have the most inspirational stories to tell.  With their incredible work ethic and ability to overcome adversities, their talks offer expert advice on staying motivated, handling pressure and dealing with success.

Black History Month

We’re proud to be working alongside the most sensational line-up of inspirational Black History Month speakers from a variety of cultural backgrounds and industries –  all deeply motivational and passionate about BAME, cultural and workplace concerns.

Finance & Cost of Living

With the future economic forecast uncertain, being clever money has perhaps never been more crucial. With their expert experience, our finance speakers are guaranteed to offer useful information that you can apply immediately, which can help you save money – from investing to marketing and personal finance too!

International Women's Day

IWD is a time to celebrate the achievements of women throughout history and in modern society; the day is embraced globally to great success. Hire an inspirational IWD speaker to motivate your audience this March!

Disability Awareness

Whether you’re after a motivational resilience speaker, or a educational keynote about how your business can be more accommodating to those with physical disabilities & invisible illnesses, our inspirational disability speakers specialise in creating inclusive places for your employees to openly discuss workplace equality and inclusion concerns.

Cancer Awareness

Our Cancer Awareness Speakers are here to not just help raise awareness, but drive resilience and empower through tales of overcoming adversity.

Hidden Disability

Overcome the discrimination of hidden disabilities within the workplace.  From neurodivergent conditions, including autism and ADHD, to chronic illnesses, mental health concerns like depression and OCD. Our Hidden Disability speakers will enlighten your workforce.

High Performance

Hiring a high-performance speaker can offer a range of benefits to various events, including keynote talks in the workplace. They are able to enhance leadership skills, improve staff productivity, increase business development, and motivate people to achieve anything they set their minds to – whether it be personal or professional.

Imposter Syndrome

Many of us have experienced Imposter Syndrome in one form or another, but how to you overcome feeling like the Imposter, and actually step into the feeling you’re worthy of the position you hold?


Our Educational speakers are not just for topics learnt in the classroom.  They teach young audiences to broaden their minds and skills on a variety of topics, from anti-bullying, mental health, LGBTQ+, physical fitness,  STEM and Future Change.

Speaker Coaching

How could a Speaking Coach benefit your business? If you’re company holds a lot of in-house talks, discover how hiring a speaking coach could benefit your delivery- enhance presentation skills,  develop sales pitches and inspire audiences to achieve business goals.


Our A.I thought leaders and Futurist speakers stress the need to view technology not as a threat but as a tool that, when harnessed appropriately, can enhance human experiences and capabilities. Our experts possess a deep understanding of the technical intricacies of AI, but also exhibit a keen awareness of its societal impact.  They also emphasize the importance of continuous learning and skill adaptation, recognizing that staying ahead in this AI-driven era, requires a proactive approach.

Gen Z

Hiring a Gen Z speaker offers businesses invaluable insights into this influential generation’s mindset, preferences, and behaviours. ​These speakers, many Gen Z themselves, can provide perspectives on digital culture, social media trends, and communication and consumer behaviour dynamics.

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