Ali D

Ali D

With a soft Scottish accent and over 11 years full time employment as a live television host on various UK and USA based channels, Ali has an infectious personality, with a natural and engaging presenting style.

Spotted at the tender age of 14-years-old, Ali has been in the spotlight for over 18 years, performing in various TV shows, stage productions and musicals after training at The Dance School of Scotland and The Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, London.

Ali was scouted by TV channel Gemporia and started her career as a live television presenter at just 20 years old. For the past 11 years, Ali has been fully employed by Gemporia and Immediate Media, broadcasting 5 hour live shows to the UK, USA and worldwide on the web.

Type Of Presenter

1706 26-3435-50Awards HostExhibition DemonstratorJournalistLive Event HostMC's & ComperesPolitics & Current AffairsPresenterScottishVideo Presenter

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