Phil O

Phil O

Phil is an all-round versatile presenter with experience within various fields of business and entertainment. He has worked both nationally, and internationally.

At every event, large or small, Phil is able to connect with the audience bringing, charisma, warmth, fun, passion and an awe-inspiring energy.

He’s admired and respected for his ability to deliver on every occasion using his own unique style. Phil’s key strengths sit within live formats where quick thinking, wit and the ability to manage smoothly is called for often as change happens, his forte sits within: TV & Radio Presenting, Live Stage Events, Live Interviewing, Gala Dinners & Charity Auctions, Food Festivals and Demos, Corporate Launches & Presentations, Product Launches & Openings, Exhibition Hosting, Awards & Fashion Shows, Guest Speaking, Motivational Speaking & Lecturing, Voice Over Artist and Commercials/Adverts.

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Type Of Presenter

Similar Talent

  • Presents in English, Punjabi
  • Experienced TV Presenter & Journalist
  • Channel 5 News, BBC News, ITV News, The Telegraph & ITN
  • Live, Virtual and Recorded Platforms
  • Corporate Video Presenter
  • Financial/Recruitment
  • Actor/Presenter
  • Travel/Fitness Presenter
  • Corporate Video Presenter
  • Radio Presenter
  • Lifestyle/Travel
  • SKY Continuity
  • Professional Journalist
  • UK Based
  • English/Spanish
  • Corporate TV Experienced