Marc Koska OBE

Marc Koska OBE

Marc Koska is a highly successful businessman and social entrepreneur who has helped to save more than 14 million lives. Despite years of rejection, Marc persisted in developing his revolutionary disposable syringe, the iconic K-1 syringe, the world’s first ‘auto-disable’ syringe for the curative market. He was awarded an OBE for his ‘Contribution to Global Healthcare’.

Marc is a highly motivational and charismatic speaker, someone who has fought ignorance, bureaucracy and vested interest every step of the way to create a highly successful and dynamic company, and whose sole motivation is to save lives by eradicating the spread of a killer virus. Marc’s genuine lack of financial motivation is inspirational, moving and an admirably unique quality rarely seen in a thriving entrepreneur.

One child dies every 24 seconds as a result of unsafe injections. The World Health Organisation estimate 3,500 die each day as a result of unsafe injections, which is the equivalent of 10 jumbo jets crashing each day! Syringes intended to be used once are reused in developing world healthcare systems on average seven times, passing on blood-borne diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis from one patient to another.

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“A fascinating evening & truly inspiring – full of admiration for what you are doing and have achieved – total admiration for your continued vision on tackling what is clearly a huge worldwide problem.”

– Entrepreneurs’ Forum (N E England)

“Marc speaks with passion and clarity on a subject that is complex yet alarming. His 20 year mission is conveyed through his fascinating collection of anecdotes. He is an outstanding entrepreneur and a true inspiration.”

– Medical Futures Ltd

“Marc Koska came to the University of Sussex to deliver a keynote talk to our students and staff as part of our Enterprise programme. Marc’s talk was an open, honest and moving account of his 20 year battle to bring one-use syringes to third world countries and raise awareness of the dangers involved in being treated by unethical medics. Marc’s down to earth approach both in giving us the highs and lows of starting and running an organisation and also in engaging the audience ensured that both students and staff are still talking about his presentation. With his talk, Marc captivated the audience from the start, and his calm delivery style ensured that both students and staff were not shy in coming forward to ask questions afterwards, and also join him for the follow-up networking session

– University of Sussex

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