Louise Houghton

Louise Houghton

Louise Houghton is a British host, broadcast journalist and voiceover artist. She works internationally on TV, online and at a variety of live events.  Whether it pieces to camera, interviewing, managing panel discussions or congratulating winners, Louise is professional, warm and a truly engaging presenter to watch.

Louise Houghton is based in Los Angeles, working with Universal, Cellar Media & SPAsigma on film, TV, online content and a brand new podcast.

You can find her regularly hosting Euromaxx – DWTV’s highest-ranked magazine show broadcast around the world. In the role as a broadcast journalist, Louise loves to delve into current affairs and research a topic fully before going on air live and talking about it. The studios are in Berlin but the show is broadcast internationally.

Call +44 1753 439 289 or email Great British Speakers now to book UK, USA, and Europe moderator & awards host Louise Houghton for your next live event or corporate video.  Contact us.

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