Either as a Host or Emcee for conferences, debates, dinner gala or luncheons and networking events, Michela can bring to your stage the right amount of energy and audience engagement combined with a spark of Italian glamour.

Member of Toastmaster International, she is an experienced bilingual (Italian/English) Manchester-based presenter and lifestyle journalist specialising in lifestyle and wellbeing, with an MA in Communication Studies from the University Of Rome.

Type Of Presenter


“Michela has no grey areas; displaying a surprising desire to get the news, whether positive or negative, and then carefully outline the details. She is also able to reveal new facts. This is surprising, in these current times of leadership and self gratification which is often practiced by the media. She achieves this only by staying true to the real rules of Journalism,which unfortunately have been forgotten by many today. She is a good example of humility, and professionalism”.

– Giuliano De Risi- International Relations Advisor for ADA – Académie Diplomatique Africaine, Former Editor in Chief, Agenzia Giornalistica Italia News Agency

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