Lisa is a wizzard confectioner and pastry chef, vastly experienced in live and recorded TV and star of many exhibition demonstrations at The Ideal Home Show, Cake and Bake and Grand Designs.

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Lisa is a true pleasure to work with and an impeccable professional with a shining personality. I can’t wait to work with Lisa again! No matter what the situation, you can rely on Lisa to deliver high quality and engaging content. I can’t recommend her enough!

– Alex Hamilton – Head of PR and Social, One – Integrated Marketing Agency

Not only is Lisa charismatic on-camera, but she’s a true professional when it comes to the entire production process. Lisa is always prepped, word-perfect and knows her food. Her passion shines through in her work and she’s a great talent to watch out for

– Simon Withington – Executive Producer, ITV

Working with Lisa is like working with a colleague rather than outsourced talent. She has an excellent attitude to all aspects of her work; professional and a real can do attitude. Always an absolute delight to work with I would not hesitate to work with Lisa again

– Hannah Walsh – Product Manager, Kenwood

Lisa is a natural in front of a live audience. Her warm personality is always prominent, never failing to create an engaging atmosphere for our visitors. Alongside her relaxed charm is Lisa’s valuable knowledge of cooking which never fails to impress and inspire our guests, which is exactly what our exhibition aims to do. Quite simply; she cooks – it’s good!

– Daniel Schultz – Event Features Coordinator, Ideal Home Show

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