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If you’re looking for a professional speaker, then look no further.  At Great British Speakers, you’ll find over 800 keynote speakers, inspirational speakers and after-dinner talents,  ready and able to help you create an entertaining and engaging event.  Just click the categories below for more info…

After Dinner Speakers

Hiring a professional after-dinner speaker can bring a touch of glamour to any corporate event. But finding the perfect after-dinner speaker can be difficult, especially with so many guest speaker options to choose from. 


Keynote Speakers

The best Keynote speakers are able to teach, inspire and motivate their audience to take action, and that’s exactly what all our speakers do. To elevate your event to the next level – put ‘bums on seats, and engage your audience, hire an inspirational keynote speaker.

Event Hosts

Whether you are organising an intimate internal awards event or a large annual gala with an impressive guest list, our boutique speaker agency will be able to book you the perfect live events host for your awards event.

Motivational Speakers

Our motivational speakers strive to help you succeed! Whether it’s talks on resilience and personal development or overcoming trauma and mental health, our motivational speakers are passionate about helping you to convey a motivational message to a wider audience.


Being in the public eye, our influencers are confident public speakers, attending product launches and events worldwide to help increase audiences engagement and build trust in a client’s brand.

Virtual Speakers

Unable to attend in person, speakers still have to be able to engage with an audience to deliver their keynote effectively.  Our business and motivational speakers can do just that.  Using their experience, vast skillset and communication skills, our speakers can deliver their talk just as professionally virtually, as if they would in person.

Female Speakers

Our female speakers are booked to discuss a range of subjects, from women’s health to STEM careers, women in sport, equality, and female led businesses, plus so much more…

Conference Facilitators

With skills such as preparation, communication, active listening, timekeeping, objectivity and management in abundance, we believe our conference facilitators are worth their weight in gold.


Finding that perfect addition to any corporate event can be difficult and time consuming. But when you find them – It feels like magic! And that’s what the magicians at Great British Speakers can offer you…


There’s something quite special about having live music at your event –whether a solo artist or corporate band  – our live musicians will bring any event to life. Or perhaps you’re hosting a music event and want a famous musician to host, or hold a Q&A – then we can help organise that too!

About Great British Speakers

At Great British Speakers, we’re certain we can find the perfect speaker for your event, whether it’s for an international conference, award ceremony or night of entertainment, we know that hiring a specialist speaker is greatly beneficial. We work with some of the biggest companies across the globe, and our years of experience on the speaker’s circuit has positioned us as experts, which helps us deliver the best possible service to our clients because we believe it’s truly important you choose a speaker who is going to engage and add value to your company and/or event.

So, whether you’re after a business speaker to help you reach those company goals, a motivational speaker to offer your team key takeaways, an awards host speaker, a conference facilitator, or even a sports star speaker, our speakers are here to captivate, entertain and inspire any audience they speak to.

Our expert team at Great British Speakers is here to help! Contact Jane and Steve today on +441753 439 289 or email