Transforming Work Behaviours: How E.D.I Speakers are Shaping Inclusive Workplaces

15th Aug 2023

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) is vital within the workplace.

EDI principles are transforming the way we work and interact, fostering inclusive workplaces and environments that embrace the richness of human differences. One avenue in which we can embrace inclusivity is through keynote talks, workshops and events that teach the power of inclusive workplaces.

Ije McDougall hire Black Lives Matter Diversity Inclusion Equality HR Employment Law Kairos Initiative book at agent Great British Speakers
Ije McDougall – Inclusion Speaker on HR/Employment Law

These speakers cover a range of important topics, including racial discrimination, cultural differences, hidden disability and disability access, mental health, gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights and so much more…

At Great British Speakers, our EDI experts are leaders in driving the transformation of work behaviours and cultivating inclusive workplaces. View all of our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Speakers HERE.

Here’s just 10 key reasons as to why you should hire an EDI speaker to enhance inclusivity within your organisation.

1. Embracing Uniqueness:
Inclusion speakers lead the charge in reshaping work behaviours by emphasising the value of uniqueness and inclusive workplaces. They inspire individuals to acknowledge and celebrate their own distinct qualities and those of their colleagues. By embracing these differences, workplaces become more open, fostering creativity and innovation.

Winston Ben Clements, equality speaker at Great British Speakers

Winston Ben Clements – Inclusion Speaker on Embracing Workplace Diversity

2. Challenging Biases:
EDI speakers fearlessly confront biases that often unconsciously influence our decisions and interactions. Their talks provide insights into implicit bias, encouraging audiences to self-reflect and unlearn preconceived notions. This practice paves the way for fairer treatment and unbiased decision-making.

Afua Hagan – Inclusion Speaker on Unconscious Bias

3. Fostering Empathy:
Empathy is a cornerstone of inclusion, and speakers adeptly cultivate this trait in workplaces. Through sharing personal stories and experiences, they humanize the struggles and triumphs of marginalized groups. This emotional connection drives empathy among colleagues and strengthens relationships.

Belinda Parmar OBE empathy leadership communications diversity AI STEM Tech Davos WEF speaker at Great British Speakers

Belinda Palmer – Inclusion Speaker on Empathy Leadership and Communications

4. Encouraging Active Listening and Leadership:
Inclusion speakers are fundamental in stressing the importance of active listening – a skill crucial for understanding diverse perspectives. Active listening is a crucial skill in leadership that involves not only hearing the words spoken by others but also understanding the underlying emotions, motivations, and concerns. Active listening can significantly enhance a leader’s ability to build strong relationships, foster open communication, and make well-informed decisions that makes their team feel valued, and ultimately enhances business productivity.

David McQueen leadership diversity speaker at Great British Speakers

David McQueen – Inclusion Speaker on Effective Leadership and Communication

5. Allyship and Advocacy:
Many EDI speakers delve into the roles of allies and advocates. They guide audiences on how to stand up for others, challenge discriminatory behaviours, and be proactive allies in creating inclusive cultures. This shift towards allyship is instrumental in dismantling barriers.

Sophie Williams hire Diversity, Inclusion Equality Speaker Anti-Racism and Allyship Author TED Talk the Glass Cliff milennium keynote speaker book at agent Great British Speakers

Sophie Williams – Inclusion Speaker and Author of Anti-Racist Ally – Allyship in the Workplace

6. Enhancing Business and Leadership Practices:
Leadership behaviours play a pivotal role in setting the tone for inclusivity. Inclusion speakers provide guidance on inclusive leadership, encouraging leaders to embrace diverse styles, amplify underrepresented voices, and cultivate environments where everyone can thrive.

David Lammy Labour MP BAME social activism diversity multi culturalism expert at Great British Speakers

David Lammy MP – Inclusion Speaker on Managing Diversity in Business

7. Reshaping Workplace Culture:
Culture transformation begins with individual behaviours. EDI speakers assist in this transformation by inspiring collective efforts towards a culture that values diversity, equity, and inclusion. Having equality within a team is not just set to boost morale, but also make all employees feel valued in the work they do.


Inge Woudstra – Inclusion Speaker on Gender Equality and Diversity

8. Breaking Down Stigmas:
Certain topics, such as mental health, disability, and LGBTQ+ issues, are often stigmatized. Inclusion speakers normalize conversations around these subjects, leading to increased awareness, support, and ultimately, dismantling stigmas.

Shaun Flores Ted Talk OCD mental illness Equality Diversity Black History Month Bereavement inspirational speaker at Great British Speakers

Shaun Flores – Inclusion Speaker on Hidden Disability and Mental Health

9. Driving Accountability:
Inclusion speakers encourage individuals and organisations to take accountability for their actions, policies, and practices. This accountability fosters a sense of responsibility for creating equitable and inclusive environments. When it comes to the work environment, it’s an employers responsibility to ensure their team feel safe, listened to and valued.

Gina Battye Hire LGBTQ+ inclusion psychological safety consultant corporate trainer author keynote speaker at Great British Speakers

Gina Battye – Inclusion Speaker – LGBTQ+ and Psychological Workplace Safety Consultant

10. Nurturing Continuous Learning:
Inclusion is an ongoing journey, not a destination. EDI speakers promote continuous learning, urging individuals and organisations to remain open to evolving perspectives, staying updated on best practices, and adapting behaviours accordingly.


June Sarpong – Inclusion Speaker on Diversity in the Workplace

Hire an Inclusion Speaker

Hiring an inclusive workplace keynote speaker can provide numerous benefits that contribute to a more diverse, equitable, and productive work environment. As organisations continue to recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion, bringing in a speaker who specialises in these areas can have a lasting impact.

Those mentioned above are just a handful of the leading EDI speakers we have to hire at Great British Speakers. So, if you’re after an EDI speaker for your next event or to enhance workplace inclusivity, contact us at Great British Speakers. Email or call +44 1753 439 289

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Let our inspirational EDI speakers inspire positive change and leave a lasting impact on your event or organisation.

National Inclusion Week – 25th September – 01st October

National Inclusion Week is a significant opportunity to raise awareness and promote the importance of creating inclusive environments. Our roster of experienced inclusion speakers can share their personal journeys and insights can greatly enhance the impact of events during this week and beyond. Their motivational and inspirational stories can resonate deeply with audiences and encourage positive change.

National Inclusion Week Speaker find the best top at agent Great British Speakers

Learn more about our National Inclusion Week Speakers HERE.

Black History Month – October

Our Black History Month speakers are experts in their field. From medical physicians and psychologists to speakers on wellness and diversity in the workplace, career goals and equality; financial health, cultural influences, fashion and inclusion – but one thing is for sure, they’re all passionate speakers on Diversity, Equality & Inclusion for Black and Ethnic Minorities within everyday society…

Black History Month Speakers at Great British Speakers 2023

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Disability History Awareness Month – November 16 – December 16

Our selection of esteemed disability awareness speakers includes passionate advocates who have overcome challenges and achieved remarkable success in various fields. From personal anecdotes to societal impact, our speakers will enlighten, empower, and educate your audience about disability history, fostering a more inclusive and understanding community.

Disability History Month Speakers find the best speakers at speaker agent Great British Speakers

Learn more about our Disability Awareness Month Speakers HERE.

To book an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Speaker for your next corporate talk or event contact us at Great British Speakers. Email Jane and Steve at bookings@greatbritishtalent.comor call +44 1753 439 289 to speak to a member of the Great British Talent team

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