Sally Gunnell OBE | Corporate Wellbeing Speaker

23rd Jun 2023

From Olympic Athlete to Corporate Wellbeing Speaker

Being an elite sport star, Sally Gunnell understands how pressure and expectation can have a detrimental effect on a person’s mental wellbeing. Through her own mental health journey, Sally knows that the mindset required to succeed does not appear overnight, and is something that needs to be worked on.

“All of those early days were very scary, very daunting. I was sort of overwhelmed by the magnitude of some of these big championships. I was definitely not the most positive of juniors by any means. The difference from coming fifth in an Olympics in Seoul to winning or getting medals at that high level is all around the mindset”.

Sally Gunnell GB 400m hurdler Olympic Gold Medal World Champion motivational inspirational speaker at Great British Speakers

Sally believes staying active is vital to a positive mental mindset; it’s important to find “something you enjoy. Go for a walk, go on a bike ride, you’re more likely to stick at it if you have fun”. And this is something apparent in all of Sally’s corporate wellness talks. Since retiring from sport, Sally is often invited to share her experiences, from the track and field days, to maintaining a positive mindset.

How does Sally’s experience as an athlete translate into the workplace?

Well, one of Sally’s key takeaways is that you cannot change how a competitor may be thinking or feeling or performing, the only thing you can control is yourself – how you think, how you believe, how you perform. Sally’s mindset keynote and corporate workshops aim to enhance employee performance by looking at employee mindset – by encouraging employee performance, and making employees feel valued, Sally teaches how a positive mindset will drive results.

Sally Gunnell Team GB Olympic Hurdler motivational Speaker at Great British Speakers

View all of Sally’s keynote talk topics here.

Sally Gunnell OBE | Corporate Wellbeing Workshops.

Since retiring from athletics, Sally also runs a very successful employee wellbeing solutions company. Working with organisations of all sizes, Sally’s approach is about applying techniques and experiences learned from the Olympic track to the board room; she delivers the link between organisational health, performance, and results. 

Sally’s aim is to support you and your team with her four step approach (A.C.T.S) to improved health and wellbeing.

A – Assess

Sally and her team will work with you to diagnose the real challenges within your team, from employee performance, achieving desired results and enhancing workplace wellness, Sally’s approach helps you to understand where you to where you want to be.

C – Create

Together you design a strategy, which is broken down to an engaging programme of wellbeing initiatives – designed to solve root causes and unlock everyone’s performance potential. Each programme is tailored to each client and promises to be engaging, energising and focussed on your goals.

T – Transform

Sally’s workshops will support you to engage people by capturing their hearts and minds through communication that stimulates interest and participation.

S – Sustain

Sally offers key takeaways that provide clients will manageable goals that are sustainable long-term.

Hire Olympian Sally Gunnell to Inspire Workplace Wellness Within Your Team…

Sally Gunnell is available for workshops and keynote speaking engagements. Specialising in mindset, resilience, self-belief, and the importance of leading from the front, Sally is the perfect choice for your team building or workplace wellness event. To find out more about Sally take a look at her bio HERE.

To book motivational keynote speaker Sally Gunnell for your next industry event, call +44 1753 439 289, or email

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