New presenter home studio filter added to the Great British Presenters website

27th Apr 2020

Coronavirus has thrown up a few challenges in the last few weeks for all of us.


Even when the lockdown hopefully becomes less onerous and the free altogether there are still considerations of social distancing and travel issues.

So to help you deliver your message professionally, we’ve now added a ‘Home studio recording’ filter to help media producers get hold of the talent they need quickly and effectively.

Unlike our voice-over artists on GREAT BRITISH VOICES, It’s not easy to have a one size fits all for this filter because there isn’t a single standard setup. However, the people in question can record e-learning and waist up shots suitable for green screen keying and so on, with or without prompting.

All have at least HD recording with autocue as a minimum, along with the usual lighting and green screen studio setup. 

Ben green screen at Great British Presenters

There are a few who also have partners who are camera operators and so on to ensure a fully professional result for you to work from.

Additionally, some have great home environments such as kitchens, gardens etc that lend themselves to product demos etc.

With the lockdown causing some difficulties then we’re happy to accept a challenge to help even the seemingly impossible request so do get in touch.

Click through to see the current list of PRESENTERS WITH HOME STUDIO FACILITIES, it’s changing all the time so be sure to check it out for the latest additions, here are the two latest presenters to go live at home.

Michelle female presenter with home studio

An engaging, warm, friendly and professional corporate presenter, Michelle is a recent popular choice for high profile brands like LG and Dell.  

Michelle is also an accomplished voice-over artist available on our sister site Great British Voices and as with all our artists has her own professional studio ensuring high-quality file onto your desktop at fast turnaround. Go to the SITE to hear Michelle’s audio demos.

Michelle has her own professional studio with green screen so is able to record and upload high-quality material for media professionals to post-produce and utilise at short notice.

Ben JM male presenter with home studio

An engaging, versatile and energetic TV presenter, events host, voiceover artist and radio presenter, Ben has worked literally thousands of live hours in scripted and unscripted environments.  His genuine likeability makes him a popular choice with audiences and viewers.

Ben is also a professional VO with homestudio at Great British Voices.

To see more about Ben JM got to his full bio page HERE

To book any of our 300+ presenters – some available with their own studio and shooting package contact Jane Farnham at Great British Presenters 0044 1753 439 289

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