Casting Voiceovers for Commercial Projects.

6th Apr 2020

At Great British Voices, we often receive enquiries for commercial voiceover bookings; Commercial voiceover work consists of any advertising/promo made for TV, Radio, Web or Cinema.

As someone on the search for a commercial voice – whether you have a direct vision or just a general idea – you already know that the voice you choose is vital to how your message is perceived by audiences.

So whether you’re booking a voiceover for the first time or an experienced pro, here are a few things to consider when next booking your commercial talent.

Know The Industry…

When starting to book voiceover talent, it’s important to know the following before you search for voices.

What kind of voice are you after? Knowing your target audiences is probably going to dictate as to what kind of voice you’re after.

Knowing what age, gender and accent you prefer before you start making inquiries will also help narrow down your search saving you valuable time.

It’s also important to consider your budget carefully and whether you can afford the usage required. Commercial rates depend on where the recording is being used and for how long? Different platforms and duration of usage will come at different costs. You can find out more about voiceover rates HERE

It’s also important to consider;

  • length of the final script
  • deadline for recording
  • TVRs or radio spots (if the commercial is to run on TV or Radio)
  • what online platforms (if any)
  • do you require usage for paid advertising online (pre-roll, PPC, VOD etc..)
  • do you wish to dial-in to the artist as they record (skype/zoom or similar are fantastic options for this)
  • how do you wish to receive the files (WAV, mp3)

Once you have this information together, you’re ready to start searching for talent… but if it all still seems a bit daunting, or you’d simply just like some help in finding and organising the recording for you, then our team at Great British Voices can help.

From international commercials to seasonal campaigns and Spotify ads – Take a look at a few of the commercials we have booked over the last few years.

Commercial Bookings at Great British Voices…

Our artists at Great British Voices are often booked for commercial VO work and we’ve even sent our voiceover artist abroad to record for our international clients.

Back in 2018, David was chosen to be the voice of Josef Kaban, lead designer for Škoda in a series of TV Commercials commissioned to introduce their proposed, groundbreaking SUV 4×4 designer vehicle – the VisionS launched this month at the prestigious Geneva Motor Show.

To record the commercials, David travelled to Prague to record with Skoda directly;

“As the films were narrative-heavy, we recognised that finding the right Voiceover with the right tonality was a crucial part of their effective engagement with the audience.” “David’s eloquent, calm delivery and warm, authoritative voice fitted our needs perfectly.”

Anthony Underhill – Creative Director, Fallon 

Many of our commercial voiceover artists however, are recording a lot closer to home, all from their own professional, fully equipped homestudios.

In the lead up to Halloween (2019), Peter’s was extra busy with the usual rush for spooky TV commercial voices and online promotions.

So when the UK supermarket ‘Iceland’ came to us looking for a voice actor for this year’s Halloween commercial, we knew that their choice in Peter would be spot on!

With a tight deadline, Peter managed to turn this job around within 24hours of receiving the script – all recorded from his professional home studio.

And last summer one of our production clients chose Blanche to voice their online commercial for Manchester Airport’s Scotland Campaign…

…and more recently, Blanche was chosen to voice Heriot-Watt University’s ‘Be Future Made’ Spotify ad.

Both lovely jobs with great scripts!

For more info or assistance on finding the perfect commercial voiceovers bookings contact Alex on +44 (0) 1753 439 289 or email

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