Jem at Great British Presenters goes to the BRIT Awards presenting Spanish and Italian reviews!

24th Feb 2018

She has been busy at the BRIT Awards this week presenting for the Italian and Spanish digital channels and the YouTube videos are already attracting thousands of plays.

jem, young multi lingual, female presenter, brit-awards, book at agent Great British Presenters,
jem, young multi lingual, female presenter, brit-awards, book at agent Great British Presenters,

Jem has had an exciting week at the BRIT Awards this week on a two-day shoot reporting in Italian and Spanish for the events digital channel.

Jems says:

“My job was to report on the running of the event and then to discuss my favourite moments, looks and performances.

Whilst getting my hair and nails done for the evening ahead, I give context on The Brit Awards itself, who has performed at the ceremony in the past, who will be performing this year, who has the most nominations, who is up for nomination and who I am excited to see perform. I mentioned that I particularly love Stormy, Jorja Smith and Justin Timberlake.

In the final set of videos, I discuss my favourite moments, looks and performances. I mentioned that Stormzy, Rag n Bone Man with Jorja Smith and finally Justin Timberlake, were my favourite performances. I also explain that my favourite look was Dua Lipas and Kendrick Lamar’s”.

Part of a worldwide Great British Presenters multi lingual team

Jem is one of our fabulous international presenters’ team, many able to converse in not just two but several languages fluently. Such flexibility gives media producers faster multilingual shoots. It also helps keep costs down as they need only one presenter for different markets and audiences.

To find out more about Jem go to her bio page here.

Here are a series of clips from her BRIT awards videos to give you a taste of the event. Don’t forget,  Jem can also present very well in English!

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