Preparing Your Business for a ‘Post Covid World’ with Chris Roebuck

26th Jan 2021

Chris Roebuck has a unique approach that helps leaders, teams and organisations understand how they can reach their full potential and be successful in just two steps.

His innovative and inspiring approach shows everyone that they already know what delivers success but just don’t recognise it.

By using simple actions Chris helps businesses to quickly transform their performance, adding investor value, building better customer service and branding, and by boosting their bottom line by 10% + at no cost. His strategy even a supports effective risk management and cost efficiency.

Below Chris gives Great British Speakers the latest, on his newest approach

Many people have asked me how they can move forward from Covid in 2021. To help them do this successfully I am creating a series based on research of in-depth articles that cover key Covid impacts, so individuals, teams and organisations have a better understanding of what they have experienced, to identify their challenges, beat them and then move on. ” 

Over the weeks we will cover Chris’ full ‘post-covid’ series. Topics covered include;

  • People – what are the affects of Covid on people, in business and personal development and how to overcome personal Covid obstacles.
  • Work – how has work changed, could working from home be the ‘new norm’ and what does this mean for future of work/business and finance
  • Leadership – what have successful leaders done during Covid and what does this indicate all leaders need to do differently?
  • Customers – how have we as customers changed, altering what we buy, why and how. And how does this also impact the way we as employees might respond to the ideas our organisations try to “sell” us.  
  • Tech – how has Covid altered the way we use digital mediums in our lives and what are the future trends/impacts of this…
  • Business models and strategies – which organisations have survived best during Covid and why? Are traditional pre-Covid approaches now still relevant?  
  • What about me? – how can I as an individual successfully move on from Covid to the ‘new world’ and achieve what I want to 2021. 

If you’d like to learn more about Chris Roebuck and how he can potentially help your business, customers and employees through strategy and leadership and to talk about business success in the post COVID world, visit his Great British Speakers’ profile HERE.

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