Charlie gets educated on careers...

Charlie has been presenting with Education Quizzes to build their Video Jobs Library. He's been having an interesting time interviewing different professionals from varying careers to help school students discover what they want to do when they leave school.The project has also included filming videos to put on their website…

Darren and Francine make an impression at the British Sign Awards!

Great British Presenters impressionists Darren and Francine have been out on the town this week hosting the British Sign Awards at The Athena Centre Leicester.

Experienced TV personality James joins the Great British Presenters team!

James is a highly experienced TV, video, corporate presenter and voice over, at ease in front of a live audience or camera.

Multi talented Scottish presenter Catherine joins our team...

Catherine is a talented experienced Scottish TV presenter, DJ and events host with worldwide experience. 

Featured Presenter:

Who Are We?

Jane Farnham Steve Denison

Great British Presenters is owned and managed by Jane Farnham & Steve Denison who have both been successful in the audio visual/broadcast business for many years so they fully understand your needs and expectations.