Chris is 'Motty' about the World Cup!

When Jagermeister wanted a John Motson football commentator style-voice for their new World cup TV ad, they came to North Yorkshire ... (Well you would wouldn't you?!)

Broadcast expert Ali joins the Great British Presenters line up!

We're really pleased that Ali has joined the Great British Presenters and Great British Speakers team! He's a real media heavyweight with a vast experience of the media industry both in from of and behind the camera.

Broadcast journalist Georgie at the Stock Exchange studios, London.

At Great British Presenters we have a wealth of top presenting talent who are at the very top of their game. Here one of our broadcast journalists Georgie interviews Middle East Financier and CEO Mohammad Al Duaij at Stock Exchange Studios London.

Heather - the perfect presenting package!

Heather went to a packaging-printers last week to see how they produce eye-catching packaging for food and cosmetics industries.

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