Eftichis is a recognised Greek bilingual Broadcast Journalist with experience in delivering a wide range of stories across TV, radio, and online as well as published news platforms.

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Presenter Profile

Eftichis Greek professional male UK based TV Presenter at Great British Presenters

Eftichis specialises in travel and entertainment, including on-screen appearances as well as live and pre-recorded delivery of news from sites and studios. Succeeds within high-pressure and deadline-driven environments, working collaboratively with teams behind the scenes to ensure continuous delivery of high-quality content in alignment with top journalistic standards. He is fluent in English and Greek with knowledge of French.

A snapshot of his highlights include:

· Social media influencer, with 60,000 followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

· Travelled to over 100 places in Europe, covering a wide range of stories, including: success stories, rural topics and traditional food and music.

· First Greek Broadcast Journalist to have travelled to (and delivered live links in) 45 locations in 45 days in the summer of 2014.

· Captured and maintained high TV rates, reaching up to 41% of total viewers via innovative news, current affairs and success stories.