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Fiona chalks up some great responses

Fiona has been busy in Birmingham working in the studio for a training programme then to Northern Ireland for Crayola.

Fiona at Great British Presenters for Crayola

Fiona flew out to Belfast to present an online series of 'How to' videos aimed at Crayola's kids market.

Brian, the producer, said of Fiona:

Working with Fiona was such a great pleasure. Fiona increased our project's production value tenfold. From the start, she was great to work with - prompt with communication in preproduction, along with a professional delivery in studio . Fiona understood our what our client was aiming for and the demographic we were trying to reach.

Her presentation was nothing less than flawless and professional, and consequently my client was over the moon. She not only brought the 'wow factor' to our project, but made the whole filming experience wonderful, not only for myself but for my client as well.

I can't recommend Fiona enough. We'll definitely be booking her again.

You can see more about Fiona - who is experienced at presenting both live and recorded environments and voice-overs on her full bio page HERE

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