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Natalie’s a confident, funny, articulate presenter with a natural, relaxed style with lots of experience presenting live events, corporate videos and awards ceremonies.

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Natalie’s a confident, articulate and funny presenter with a natural, relaxed style.  With over 500 hours of live and recorded prime-time television experience and over five years presenting live events, corporate videos and awards ceremonies, Natalie brings bags of positive energy, fun and a professional approach to all her clients.  From writing scripts for camera to improvising in front of a live audience, Natalie thinks on her feet and makes people feel at ease; both on and off camera.  

Specialist areas - live events, environmental issues, green living and wellbeing. 

Natalie F environment ecological expert at Great British Presenters

Very good - Naomi Wilkinson-esque. Likeable, nice manner, not over the top. Her timings were good and her passion came across. Very impressive. Took to main presenter role and social media with ease and I could see her doing the social media role on Unsprung easily. She could fire fight and keep the pace and energy going. I was really impressed.
BBC Springwatch Producer
Natalie is a superlatively good presenter, with an intuitive understanding of her craft and of the subject she is reporting on. I would, and do, highly recommend her.
Ade Thomas, Founder, Green TV
 I've worked with Natalie a number of times - she's a natural presenter with a wise charm and an eloquent, accessible personality. She's at home with a wide range of productions: news items, ethical corporate promotion and live studio and event broadcasts ... and she's brought style and added value to them all.
James Light, Corporate Video Producer
When you buy Natalie as a presenter you get one of the most engaging and charismatic people I have met. Her charm confidence and love of everyone set her apart. She is playful, flirtatious, fun - yet possesses a deep passion and concern for the trials that some experience in life and the joys that others often miss. She will banter with builders, catch her breath on the setting sun. To camera Natalie works extremely well to script, or scripted guidance, taking her cues without attitude - glad to be playing her part. But give her a chance to improvise and you set the potential of this extraordinary presenter free. I have seen her single-handed stage shows, un-rehearsed, with the barest of the preparations, captivate and hold an audience for over an hour. If you're looking for someone, look no further.
Hywel George, Plastic Buddha Productions

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