Multilingual & International Presenters

We are continually adding talented new presenters at Great British Presenters and can help you in your search to find presenters from all over the world.  All of our International Presenters are happy to travel to your location anywhere in the world.  We have already provided corporate presenters to clients in Japan, Dubai, USA and all over mainland Europe.  They provide the expertise you need as corporate presenters, live-event presenters, trade-show presenters, exhibition presenters, moderators, facilitators, MC's, hosts and video presenters.  Some of our experienced presenters are multilingual and can help localise each of your shows to your audience in an instant.  Just let us know what language/nationality you require and we can help.  Just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (or call 01753 439 289) who can help you create a shortlist, which you can share with colleagues and clients.

Alexander is an American-born Travel Host, Live Entertainment Host & TV Presenter, based in London.  

UK based TV & Radio Host, Alexandra is a bilingual English/German TV Presenter and Radio Journalist with Jamaican roots. She was the host of the Sony Europe Music Awards.

Over 5500 hours presenting experience has shaped Alexandria into the super adaptable, always well received TV prodigy. Multi-skilled American TV Presenter and Voice Over artist.

Ali is a multilingual presenter, journalist and host able to present in English, Persian and Azerbaijani. London based Ali has huge broadcast and live stage experience at the highest level having interviewed politicians and Hollywood megastars.

Fluent English, French & Italian with working knowledge of Spanish, Ashley is a regular on European Sports channels having reported from Tour De France, Soccer and the London 2012 Olympics.

Whether in German or English, whether at a kick-off event, trade fairs or conferences, Christian has wowed audiences with his infectious, charming, and powerful personality for more than a quarter century. 

Dana, from Toronto, Canada, is an award winning highly experienced TV News anchor and correspondent based in London, UK. He is also a fluent Russian speaker having lived there for 12 years.
Dareen is one of the principal anchors at Al Jazeera English. Widely experienced across the international agenda, Dareen hosts Al Jazeera's flagship programmes including The Newshour and Inside Story.

A born and bred Londoner who's heritage is Mauritian, Chinese and Indian and is fluent in French. Della's wonderfull sunny andeasy going charm wins over both audiences and production teams alike!

Hyper professional German, English & Dutch speaking corporate presenter, with broadcast experience on for RTL, WDR, ZDF, Pro7, Euro Sport, Sport 1, TV-N, & Telekom TV.

Devora is a presenter, model, voiceover artists and actor, fluent English, Russian and her native language, Bulgarian.
Eftichis is a recognised Greek bilingual Broadcast Journalist with experience in delivering a wide range of stories across TV, radio, and online as well as published news platforms.
Fenfen is a UK based English/Chinese bilingual presenter. She speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and English and has extensive TV and event presenting experience.

Fluent German, English, Spanish & Dutch, Hendrik has huge experience as an international moderator and presenter for European organisations and companies.

Fluent Spanish speaking presenter Howard is a vastly experienced, versatile presenter equally at home fronting a fun entertainment event as he is hosting a serious corporate presentation. 

Sports TV presenter and host Immy is fluent in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and French.

A bundle of energy! Isabella is a fresh, charming bilingual English/German presenter, best known for her vivacious style! Talented in live presenting, she has more than 1000 live hours in 3 different countries to her name.

Jem is a young articulate Tri-lingual TV presenter, fluent in English, Spanish and Italian. She is also fully experienced in all aspects of media production making her a dream to work with & a real asset to a shooting team.
Jeremiah is a UK based American actor and presenter, who offers a completely unique skill set and perspectives. He's worked on multi-million dollar brands using cutting edge technology, and while you may not recognise his face, Jeremiah has played some of British television's most recognisable roles, including 'Tinky-Winky' on Teletubbies and a Cyberman in Doctor Who.

Japanese/English speaking Australian presenter, host & speaker Jodie comes with a vast experience in consumer psychology and business.

Fluent English and Spanish speaking presenter Johanna hails from Lima, Peru via California and New York and UK based.


Juliana is a presenter and actor born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. Growing up, she’s always performed in plays and loved every opportunity to practice public speaking.
Klemens is a London-based presenter, actor & voiceover artist who is bilingual in German & English and has more than a decade of corporate presenting experience.
Louise is a British host, broadcast journalist and voiceover artist. She works internationally on TV, online and at a variety of live events.

Marc is a dynamic and highly-skilled host, public speaker, journalist and content creator from New Zealand, working between Geneva, London and Singapore. 

With experience from BBC, CNBC Bloomberg and most recently TRT World Maria has worked extensively in London and the Middle East. She is fluent in Spanish, French, Italian and basic Arabic.

Michel is a professional and spontaneous UK based Arabic and English speaking TV presenter experienced in live and recorded media work. Huge knowledge and passion for soccer.

Michela is a bilingual (English/Italian) journalist and editor based in Manchester specialising in food, travel, hospitality, arts & lifestyle.
Engaging, assured, warm & friendly. Michelle is not only very versatile but a true professional having worked for us in live demonstrations Europe wide and recorded video. Also completely fluent in French. 

From the BBC to Bollywood, Nadeem's versatility is the secret of his success and is a huge talent, fluent in Urdu and Hindi.   A corporate presenter with a passion for food and travel.

Irish Presenter Orla is a multilingual (French, German, Spanish, Italian & Portuguese) journalist & TV sports broadcaster with 17 years' experience in both hard news & sport, covering a wide range of sports. 

Multilingual Presenter Pietro is fluent in English, German, Italian and French and is an entertainer with heart and soul.
Renato has worked as a presenter for over 15 years on a vast array of productions. A genuine love of people, a diverse range of interests and a highly professional attitude have made this versatile presenter a firm favourite with a number of production companies.

Rita is half-Pakistani and half-Italian and was born and raised in London... a multi–skilled broadcast journalist, able to produce, edit, write and present.

Sarah is an American US-based presenter, host, actor, model who bursts onto your project with humour, excitement, & hustle!

London based corporate presenter, Steven has also worked as a producer with an real insight into the creative production of many shows including CH4 and BBC.

Presenter, Actress, Voice over, Travel and Property expert, Sunita fluent in French Italian Spanish and Greek.
Susannah is the anchor for World Business Report on BBC World Service and BBC World TV. She speaks fluent French and is highly competent at hosting and moderating live events worldwide.
Tim Willcox is one of the most widely watched presenters on BBC News. He is multilingual able to speak French and Spanish and is comfortable hosting and moderating a wide range of events.

Native English Presenter Yasmine can also present in German, Turkish, Kurdish and French and can switch between being the life of the party or a corporate lawyer for any project.